My Shit’s Fucked Up Songtext
von Warren Zevon

My Shit’s Fucked Up Songtext

Well, I went to the doctor
I said, "i'm feeling kind of rough..."
"Let me break it to you son,
you're shit's fucked up!"
I said, "My shit's fucked up?!
Well, I don't see how!"
He said, "The shit that used to work,
won't work now!"

I had a dream; aw shucks, oh well
Now its all fucked up, its shot out to hell
yea-eah, my shit's fucked up
It has to happen to the best of us
The rich folk suffer like the rest of us
It'll happen to you.

That amazing grace
Thought it passed you by
You wake up every day, and you start to cry
You want to die
But you just can't quit

Let me break it on down
It's the fucked up shit
yeah, my shit's fucked up.
Fucked up.

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