Riding in that Black Joint Songtext
von Wale

Riding in that Black Joint Songtext

It's my name and they know it
The home of the go go forever will you focus (WALE)
It's my name and they know it (WALE)
It's my name and they know it


Ridin in that mean joint, tennis shoes clean
They clingin on the G cause that sound so sweet to em
If I don't sleep with em I ain't got no need for em
Mommy what you speakin for, you ain't tryna leave with us
To those neat youngins I ain't gon follow those
Hell no, gotta go
Word to my prada clothes
Pop pill o product in my town, holmes, gotta flow
Cheese call me papa john, knock em like a domino
All of those hoes rollers n goin be bottled fo
Yeah I got bread you don't think we goin shoppin (NO)
If we go shoppin best believe we gon change clothes
I'm doin sax fifth leaving them at the rainbow
My main focus is I no lie
She better not follow me, this is optometry
Lean peel lambos that's the only way it's gotta be
The premium equivalent I'm sittin on 23s

Ridin with my windows down (down)
Errbody see us, and even if they don't they gon feel
it through the speakers
Know us from the rap 4 3 on the sneakers
See us like a G dub A L E we be
Ridin in that black joint lookin for some
Ridin ridin ridin in that black joint lookin for some
Ridin ridin ridin in that black joint lookin for some
Ridin ridin ridin in that black joint lookin for some action

I am the one, yo, she just a bum, yo,
Shine 365, hoes, I make the sun blow

Green like a lawnmower, cheese like a mousehole
I could use a mint best believe a nigga mouth gross
The onomatopoeias get them auto more pieces
Matter o fact I don't need em I just rock my diesels
Speakin on the beats I can beat it till it's bleedin
Easily kick his teef in... let me tell you who I'm is (WALE)
Yea, you better act like you know, youngin
The flow cold, ho'd up and hit the dos runnin
The whole summer they been waitin for a flow youngin,
Georgia to florida, I floss till I'm sumthin lovely,
I am the up and coming, lovely when I am stuntin,
Ain't sold a record yet but money still come in abundance
An I ain't frontin nuh uh, an I don't want em nuh uh
Street dates like roommates and shinin numbers

Don't stop with it
Now to the right whip it You got a right, mrs
Now to the left whip it Don't stop with it
Now to the right whip it You got a right mrs


Black G wagon big rubber plastic
Cash in my pants got the city sin saggin
Yea I'm that bad and I'm outta liquors fashion
Established, hack em bag o broad from my sad n
But nah I'm in that thang, no, nah that's the same joke
European tag man I'm speakin never lame tho
Easy through the lanes ya'll lames can't shake through my name
Wale, see ya later nigga tell it to me

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