Lesson of Love Songtext
von Wacky Kids

Lesson of Love Songtext

Honey you've got something in your eyes
It's not love, yes I know
Lonely you just can not say goodbye
That's not love, it come and goes

Love is something you don't know
Learn to love and I'll show you!

This feeling you can not ever hide
It will blow in your heart
Don't ever play with in your mind
It will hurt you will cry

This is a lesson of love
So keep it and hold really high (tight)
Never play with something you don't know

This is a lesson of love
I've been waiting just for you
Now I rest, there's nothing more I can do

Open you eyes for tricky acts of life
Don't give up, life goes on
There's nothing less to tell you about love
Only life tell you more.

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