Psychosadistic Design Songtext
von Vulvodynia

Psychosadistic Design Songtext

Enter the mind of a murderer!
Unholy being!
This is my grand design.
Beat them up gut them open and hang them up.
Delve into my design.
Your life will end now.
Laughing as I bleed you dry.
Pubescent entrails. Eat it up NOW!
Putrescent feasting of the mangled up whore!
Fucking this slut like never before!
Fucking pieces of your corpse.
I'll take your life with no remorse!
I'm storing your flesh for the main course.

Psychosadistic Design!
Pus leaking from that pussy!
Oh my god that's juicy!
Time to fucking eat her out!
Psychosadistic Design!
Bleeding from every orifice as I gape you.
Psychosadistic Design!
Screaming out for your loved ones as I punch you till your lungs collapse!
Psychosadistic Design!
Screaming as I rip you open!
Ripping you apart, doomed to death from the start!
Living for that motherfucking GENOCIDE!
I've transcended to thee other side!
Where your darkest dreams shall arise!

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