Chasing the Light Songtext
von Visions of Atlantis

Chasing the Light Songtext

Freedom for all was the vision he had,
since the day he became the ruler there
And dark times did pass in this moment of light
for his reign brought the end of all the wrath

And he does not want anyone to be alone,
or feel like a lesser creature there
But a witches of the waves did take someone away
who was far too beloved to get lost…

“Find him, save him, tell him, show him,
make him feel that he is not alone…
for my daughter want to love him,
and to give his heart a home!”

“Through the sea he will hunt,
through the ocean ride,
for it's him she will blame,
if he can't save his life…
He can't stop till he wins,
for the oath of the king,
is the heart of the sea,
hunting hard, hunting free”

Sleeping by day, finding no rest by night,
for a bright fire burning in his heart
Wishing for home as the first dusk sets in,
far away from his daughter's gentle hand

Witnessing the face of unfulfilled desire,
and leaving himself in loneliness
The fight will go on, till he gets what he wants,
nothing there will ever make him stop…

For both men have learnt the cold truth of this fight,
their friendship will last for their lives

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