Sedated and Amputated Songtext
von Visceral Disgorge

Sedated and Amputated Songtext

Doped up unconscious whore I stole off the street.
Sever her limbs and devour the meat.
Ill make sure this bitch can't escape.
Chained to the wall then beaten and raped.
Cut off the tongue and pull out the teeth, sew her eyelids open depriving her of sleep.
I shall make this hell last for weeks.
Prolonging your suffering.
You pray for god,
I shower you in piss.
Before starvation I'll feed you my shit.
Immersed in feculence.
Cower in my omnipotence.
Repetitively tortured and raped, having your sweet asshole gaped.
Strict diet of shit, jizz, vomit, and piss.
You're one fucked up mangled bitch, but I love fucking your tits...
Jizzing all over your face.
My very own quadrilateral amputee cum dumpster.

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