Did You Know? Songtext
von Villagers

Did You Know? Songtext

Did you know that I lost my way
When I thought I'd finally found it?
When I caught a glimpse of something inside
Now there's no way around it

And did I know? Well, of course I did
But to know is not to feel
And I feel it now like never before
Christ, it's all too real

And did you know that I shake inside
When I walk out of the front door?
When I call a friend, or even your name
Must be something there to shake for

And now there's a shadow on everything
And he won't know how to shake it
He can feel the love just trying to get in
But he won't know how to take it

And so in place of a sense of worth
He's attached a kind of game
And if we play along he'll promise to smile
He just needs to be retrained
He just needs to be retrained
We just need to be retrained

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