When U Grow Up Songtext
von Victor Wooten

When U Grow Up Songtext

I had a dream one night I was talking
Talking to a version of myself
And when i woke up the next morning
I felt the need to share with someone else
We all have inner voices that lives inside of you
I hope that mine will never go away
Life has those choices
they are always in front of you
And when they ask a question I will say

What you gonna be when you grow up
I'm gonna be happy, happy inside
What you wanna do when you grow up
I wanna be laughing, laughing till the song goes down again

I know that i'm still a little girl inside
One day I'll be living, living out my dream
My dream's not far away as it seems

My name is out of the sky and i'm in the zone
My sister Kaila broke her rocket, i'm on the microphone
Right now we're just kids, one day we'll be adults
And when we are, you'll see our results
A doctor, a lawyer, i'm gonna do something for ya
But I put it on hold, no need to rush right now (right now)
I'm only 9 years old

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