Back at the Start Songtext
von Viceroy

Back at the Start Songtext

You made your plans
I packed my bags
You wrote the note
I called a cab
I got a way with words
But you're not listening
You used to like the way I talk
But now its different
So I've been actin' like I'm seventeen
Oh now come in while we play the seams
Of you and me
Rocking shots I might have taken three
Basically, I'm a wreck
Hold my phone
Like lets just wait and see
What I expect

I believe in you and me
We'll build something like history
I thought when shit got hard
You and I would find a way
To pick up the parts
But now I'm in a cloud of smoke
Finally all alone
After so much time it's hard
To look around and find myself
Back at the start
Back at the start

Ah, I like to tell myself
That I don't need nobody
That I don't need your help
That I could check my body
I got my soap and
It never ends
Wish you'd tell my why
Cause my minds been in many things
Smoking, drinking, till I'm numbing
Got no way of thinking
As of late
I'm just letting you know
But now I'm yelling fuck it
They say you should say something for you
If you can drive for yourself
I'm letting you go

Back at the start

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