Look At Us Now Songtext
von Vaya Con Dios

Look At Us Now Songtext

We were young and restless and crazy
And tomorrow was a past that would go
Angry and hungry believers
In a world we would change once and for all
Living on instinct was easy
We had no use for targets or goals
Never stray never bored, never lonely
Life was just to rock and to roll
Running on great expectations
Never short of narcissistic supply
Children of unknown generation
Refusing to be buried alive
Rambling from station to station
On a trail of a runaway train
Travellers with no destination
We owned nothing and had nothing to claim
Boys were handsome and racing
Girls were willing and eager to play
Sleeping around wasn't evil
Morals didn't stand in our way
Turned out truth was a falsification
Happiness a lie and a curse
Justice a false allegation

Stand in line and no one will get hurt
Now we're old and our voices are shaky
From screaming in the desert too long
We are tired and our vision is blurry
But at least our souls have never been sold
At least our souls have never been sold

Live fast, die young, stay pretty
That's what we aimed for and had
Moody, rusty and cranky
Good Lord, take a look at us now

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