Wonderland Songtext
von Vansire

Wonderland Songtext

By now
All the crowd's arrived
In the front row
Pairs of surly eyes

I can't understand
Trying to surmise
Are they mad at me
What does this imply

Now I'm panicking
Dipping from the scene
Driving Lyndale Ave
Lost in glossy sheen
Of the streetlights
With the slow-mo bleed
It's irrational
But it seems so real to me

Night still young still buzzing from the last one
Shots fill the glass keep it coming down the hatch
'Till the bottom of the bottle
The light's fading black
Let's forget about tomorrow get lost in the act

And the stage play out bounce of the crowd and react
But with positive come negative charge, laws attract
I feel they energy feel like they talking to me without speaking
Hear 'em breathing eyes reading suddenly my mind speeding
What is this
Something in the air got me feeling like
Dipping out in the ride, checking the side lights

We just tryna bring you that vibe so why you wanna jive
We could keep the moment alive, but catch me outside
The one another one, tryna get your mind right
But the cold still flooded now I'm tryna break the ice

With the device I'm on a mission to flip it and get your soul lifted
On the way up until we drifting

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