Don't Even Ask Songtext
von Us3

Don't Even Ask Songtext

Jimmy has the worst marks in his class
Scars over half his body and an arm in a cast
"Oh that's just a rash it'll pass" Jimmy would say with a laugh
But his smile wouldn't last cos it was only a mask
Hiding a past that was still present
And heaven knows what kind of future he must have
Next day two of his fingers are smashed
He says "don't even ask"

Now Jimmy was a smart kid, always worked the hardest
So willing to learn
But teacher was a little concerned
Cos when it's his turn to come to the front and read
He'd plead for someone else to take the lead
And teacher eventually agreed
Jimmy just smiled so relieved
Cos earlier he had a nosebleed and still had a smudge of blood on his sleeve
But he need not be concerned with that
They're too busy staring at the burns on the back of his neck
He had no answer for that one yet
Luckily no-one asked about it
Bell rings, Jimmy grabs his bags and takes off in a dash, going nowhere fast
But tomorrow he would limp back into class
He'd say "don't even ask"

Jimmy wears long shirts to hide the hurt
And for a while it worked
But his lies got worse
His smile now a smirk as he tries to search to find the words to tell the nurse
"Oh I just fell in the dirt"
But she didn't look amused, more like confused
Cos this excuse he'd already used the last time his shoulder was bruised
And even then he refused medical attention
And so no-one made mention of his pension for fractured tendons
They just sent him back to class
With just a pat on the ass and a hall pass
He's fine now but how long will it last?
What will he say next, car crash, whiplash?
Don't even ask

Monday started out fine
Mother nature was kind as her sun shined down on all the kids standing in line
And so the class makes an entrance teacher takes attendance
Before handing out todays lesson
"Lester" "Here", "Michelle" "Here", "Adrian" "Here"
"Troy" "Here", "Jimmy"... "Jimmy?"
Guess here's not here
As they stare at his empty chair, no-one's seen him anywhere
He wasn't downstairs, not in the playground
Jimmy just ain't around
Jimmy was later found in his bath with one of his wrists slashed
What could have led him down this path?
Why would Jimmy do something so rash?
Maybe if someone would have bothered to ask!

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