Endorphin Songtext
von Umbra et Imago

Endorphin Songtext

Caught in a dark and sterile world
Life fading like an withered leaf
Lonley like an empty lake
I'm walking through the fields
Now the black coldness reaches me, too
Merciless and against my will
Thougths on the edge of madness
Picture of unimaginable force
And i see my own heart getting harder and colder
Endorphin deadens my senses, more and more

My blood boils with rage, full of euphoria
I feel this power in the air
In the transport of night
In the transport of time
Something deep takes over the domination
The force is stronger than me
Ecstasy is spreading
I can 't control my mind

In a state of total isolation
The suffering decides my behaviour
The common sense is cut off - like pale tissue
The bloodlust begins
Bizarre pictures rotating wild
A black shape is eating my interiour
Cold light catches myself
And i break her body into two
The awakening is cruel
I don't know, what's happening to me

My fingers are stained with blood
The guilt stains red on my hands
The shouts of the father
So yelling and agonizing
Probe into my brain
I'd like to change
But endorphin deadens my senses

Nothing can stop me
Nothing can stop me
Endorphin i'm falling deep, deep

Sharp metal penetrates the frame
Blood streams, slides into the dark nothing
Thoughts are running, dropping
The elixir of life clots
The fight slowly
A thread of gloom and pain breaks
Sucked out, but full of dreams
At last breathe escapes into the night.

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