Do You Believe in God? Songtext
von $uicideboy$

Do You Believe in God? Songtext

Pulling up with the pump
Slugs that will make you slumped
Drugs always keep me numb
Wake up in the morning just to pop some
Bodies in my basement
Lord of the forsaken, watching bitches fornicating
Lucifer, Beelzebub, Satan
Triple ssix be my language
Smoking on something that's flagrant
Shooting up something that's tainted
Rain drops cover my dreadlocks
Mood 21 Savage, that red opps
Might go and get my face tatted with a tear drop
Shell shocked leaving bodies on the sidewalk

6 days until my death, on the seventh let me be
Lower level dwelling, now the devil's rocking FTP
Ruby setting trends but in the end he wants his breath to cease
Leopard print all on his body, body hanging off the Sphinx
Ruby got a plan involving firestorms thinning out the herd
Ruby got a plan to see the locusts swarm, poisoning the dirt
Ruby going to find his death and flirt
Ruby got his motherfucking heart torn, cut up into thirds
Ruby got a broken oath he once swore, take him back to church
Ruby's bloody fist up her skirt

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