Saints of Rock Songtext
von Tyran’ Pace

Saints of Rock Songtext

Did you ever think about,
Where music comes from?
Play it low or play it loud,
It shakes your head around.
Make an act and hear the crowd,
The saints will hear it.
If you ever act too proud,
They′ll force you back to ground.

Saints of Rock, gods for the stars,
Lords of your heart.
The Saints of Rock

They only choose the honest men,
For their own kingdom.
They will take your heart and then,
Heat will fill your mind
Close your eyes explore your mind,
One day you'll deserve it.
And if you are a chosen one,
Your work is now to find

Find the sound which you enjoy,
Soon you start to love it.
Don′t you turn it into noise,
Like some freaks will do it.
When you've got your own good style,
Maybe they will take you.
Do not fear the circumstances,
Never start to doubt.

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