1.5 Million Songtext
von Tony Yayo

1.5 Million Songtext

1, 5 million, 1.4 made a big splash
Turn a half and the godfather fill with hash
We autobahn speed demons
Autobahn bitches eatting it
My neck lit up like a christmas caorl
Shorty barely legal but she holding the barrel
Another gun charge is a fed case
C4 in the c.a car detonate
That′s a sosa hit
My bitch dirty but the bitch bad
Dirty harry mag in the chole bag put you in a bag
Yea I'm out the hood so a nigga out his element
Eat a model out for the hell of it
Niggaz want beef we can settle it
Just bought 5 straps today
And I ain′t sellin shit nigga
They think it's only beef in the booth
They killed the homie when you gon shoot
It's been a minute when you gon shoot
Have a a, ak put his head in a noose
Will a nigga sell his soul just to get his mans back
Don′t bust it up in the club models il fall back
I been at the top, the bottom feel crazy though
Lord knows I miss them shady tours getting crazy dough
Me and the homies don′t kick it no more
My baby mama tripping saying so he hit the door
Money and these bitches taxes eat you alive man
Websites attack you when you shine man
Yea f these niggaz, f these bitches
Ferrari ff dream for the road to riches, yea
It's lonely at the top
It′s just me and my dutch dutch
Bad bitch, jag ship ducking the numbnuts
Real niggaz dying for the shit they got on
Reach for my medallion, it's the lion shotgun plated that megaton to your dome

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