You Might Find Yours Songtext
von Tom Rosenthal

You Might Find Yours Songtext

When was the last time you wandered down a road?
Just for the sake of it
And have you ever been to a place just
Because it was a place and you have two good feet?
Some people will say
"You need a plan"
But there is nothing wrong with not knowing where you are going
Lots of runners running about these days
Running past everything
Go on any train, bus, plane
And you'll see people who have stopped looking out of windows
Don't be one of them

You may say
"I've been down these streets before" and that's okay
But possibility is never gone
Aimless they say is without aim
But I have never seen purpose stop the rain
On any street corner
You may find the lights of your day, the soul of your hour
The dark of your minute, the love of your life
Or maybe not
But you may find something you haven't already got
Of course, not all of the days can be magic days that stun and amaze
But possible you may find a lonely smile that sings and cures
Or even better, you might find yours

That world that's in your pocket is not the world
The world is the one that lies before your feet
And the people that we meet
The smells, the sounds, the sights, the skies
Tell the world that you are ready and it replies
You see I'm not sure what the secret to happiness is
But I'm pretty sure it starts when you go outside

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