One of Those Things Songtext
von Tom Rosenthal feat. Paul Haworth

One of Those Things Songtext

Pictures of a face
Descriptions of the day
I don't know what to say about that

Pictures of a face
Descriptions the day
He walked away
It was raining
And this pain in your heart never went
You never said
It would feel this way and I want you to stay
That's not what I meant to say
But I mean it
I mean it
Yeah right
There's your honesty
Honestly, I'm feeling fine
Intelligent design
Line of eye-shadow tears and more wine
I don't mind if I do
Do you like my new shoes
Mums, dads and home truths

Like: what are we going to do about you
You used to be such a happy child
You dialled the number
Didn't speak
How do new lovers meet
Incredible feats
Of bravery
Wavering baby steps favouring
Wild mood swings
We were never not quite on the brink
Not trying to not think
Of missed connections
Missing links
Rose tints
It's just one of those things

Imagining you
It's just one of those things we do

Things things
So many things
So much to say
Lonely strings
Catch the bouquet
Hey hey
Here's your soulmate
Spinning plates
One topples
It's too late
It breaks
Industrial estates
And a canvas of cannibals of our entwined fates
So let's find a place
To be complete
Find names we repeat
Find signs in the names of her street
And when you sleep
It's still there
Always there
In a necklace of amber
Take care
Of your paint and your brushes
You know the way she is
The way she pushes
A greater weight than a lifetime of crushes
Playing back the day's rushes
Here's the scene where you see him
And you don't know what to say
And I don't know what you say about that

Pictures of a face
I don't know what to say about that
Descriptions of the day
He walked away

I suppose
Some boys
Spend their whole life joking
Reading lines like karaoke
And opening wounds
Visiting unspoken rooms
In the Crowlands
No romance
No shall we dance
Limping men with beers cans
Fortunes old hands
Reading lines of love, life, good times and pretty bad plans
Plots and parades
Every day
Every night
The end was always in sight
And when it ends
It never ends
It descends
Into the centre of the earth
Wish this curse
Could be lifted
Sometimes the world makes me feel like I never existed
And I existed
When she was laughing

Pictures of a face
I don't know what to say about that
Fortunes old hands
Overrunning the land with you
When you were laughing
When she was laughing

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