She’s My Girl Songtext
von Tom Lehrer

She’s My Girl Songtext

Sharks gotta swim, and bats gotta fly
I gotta love one woman till I die
To Ed or Dick or Bob
She may be just a slob
But to me, well
She's my girl

In winter, the bedroom is one large ice cube
And she squeezes the toothpaste from the middle of the tube!
Her hairs in the sink
Have driven me to drink
But she's my girl, she's my girl, she's my girl
And I love her

The girl that I lament for
The girl my money's spent for
The girl my back is bent for
The girl I owe the rent for
The girl I gave up Lent for
Is the girl that heaven meant for me

So though for breakfast
She makes coffee
That tastes like sham–poo
I come home for dinner
And get peanut butter stew
Or, if I'm in luck
It's broiled hockey puck
But, oh well, what the hell?
She's my girl
And I love her

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