I'll Be Looking for You (It'll Be Me) Songtext
von Tom Jones

I'll Be Looking for You (It'll Be Me) Songtext

You know my name, I got the moves
I see your eyes tuned on me, applause ensues
Couldn't match our speeds with rocket shoes
And if ya did, the wind would give you an awesome bruise

Is it any wonder I'm the captain, apt from a
Sleek physique matched with an equally fast wit
I spit fire with the team beside
With the Wonderbolts pride, cause we fly with a passion Feel that heart beat having the best fun
Nowhere else do you get this adrenaline rush
I kick dust like a bass kick, everypony jumps up
Eyes stuck like sock puppets, they're all stunned

Top fun plus they shower us with diamonds
Can't stop won't stop even when the night comes
We keep lighting the skies in the Wonderbolts style
The lifestyle that I'd never give up!

Introducing me into the academy blitz
After all this time, all my life I've waited for this
Anxious to show what I've got now I'm standing amidst
Hundreds of hopeful pegasi, but I'm rocking my tricks

Straight from Cloudsdale! No battle's too big to rattle the Dash
I'll pick a fight with a full-sized dragon
Do the math, these wings plus the element of loyalty
Unlike your jaw, I'm not slacking

Blast off! Not even battered by the dizzitron
Let me keep on shattering records until you're catching on
Proving I'm the smoothest maneuvering, the astutest
The newest student who's moving in, lapping, and I can do... this!

Rainboom! Impressed yet? The flyest of the next gen
Jet set for the Wonderbolts, no question
The rainbow will remind you I'm a legend already
I'm saving lives on the side, so go ahead and test me!

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