Not Enough Romance Songtext
von Tina Turner

Not Enough Romance Songtext

"Not Enough Romance"

Should've never made eye contact
Should've been a heart of stone
When you stopped me to say hello
Would've been twice as easy
To just say no
Cause I don't wanna lose at love again
But as a couple we were quite handsome
And the moon was out that night
So we let our hearts go dancing
If that thing is missing in my life

There's not enough romance in this world
There's not enough romance in this world
There's too many people thinking only of themselves
You gotta give love for its return

Wanna sing about new lovers
Stand up against the odds
Nothing can change a thing that strong
And myself I know my emotions
I got my love to share
And when you need something so tender
What you're looking for is so rare

There's not enough romance in this world
There's not enough romance in this world
You gotta believe in what your heart tells you is right
And i'm here to say that i believe in love

We take a lot of chances playing some foolish games
But that's the only price that you gotta pay
We gotta keep believing hungry hearts run free
Everybody needs a good loving
It's anything you want it to be

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