Shades of Grey Songtext
von Timeflies

Shades of Grey Songtext

I'm seein' shades of gray
Enough prodding to make me hurt, which drives me to my sole desire
Where I got you hanging on my every word, to burn you while I'm breathin' fire
See, 'cause I got a plan, I look different on this side I'm somethin' like a hologram
Damn, that don't mean I've changed, it just explains
How some things in my life have suddenly rearranged
While I'm starin' at my reflection it's lookin' somthin' like misdirection
Between my life, my love, and passion it's a lonely intersection
And my selection results in constant mental interjection
Giving birth to such aggression requires me to cease these sections
But you see, they find a way to breath
And for me, I find no place to leave to
'Cause I finally found somewhere to land
But now I can't seem to find where I am
I'm lost in this crowd
I'm seein' shades of gray
Lookin' for the light
But I only found today
I'm trapped in those eyes
And I can't look away

Afraid of the changes
But nothing stays the same
Some say go to the light, others say you must leave it
But in darkness there's clarity even if you don't care to see it
Images taken and replayed such as this thievery
And there seems to be no shortage of the people in my corner who believe in me
But it wasn't always like this no, when I was fighting
And I could say a million words at once but my pen was dry when it what time for writin'
Sometimes I just don't get where the ink well goes
And then sometimes my pen hits paper and the rest just flows
Now I tried to exercise my demons but they've gotten out of shape
And I used to be so superhuman but it seems I lost my cape
How could I be that I'm livin' so great externally when life's burnin' me and internally
It feels like I'm lying awake on the table in surgery
And I'll put on a clinic, I can see that you're a cynic
Thinkin' I photographed this picture perfect life and you weren't in it
So I try to live my lessons and ease off these second guessin's
I don't need church bells to be ringin' to go give you these confessions
And where that leaves me now
I can't seem to choose
I found some breadcrumbs and it seems that I was leaving clues
But I'm confused as to what they mean
I know I've seen the movie but its seems that I forgot the scene
I'm cuttin' the brakes, whatever it takes
The bigger the gamble the higher the stakes
Yeah I battled to build this and I'll never back down
You know where you can find me now

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