Love Soldiers On Songtext
von Tift Merritt

Love Soldiers On Songtext

Bruised Up and skinny as a stray
No one I know so underpaid
Been around the block about a 100 times today
Won't leave you alone, no matter what you say

Love soldiers on, love soldiers on
There's nothing you can do, love will soldier on

Lock it out and don't return its call
Swear you've never seen its face at all
Throw it in the river, lose it in the storm
It will show up in its bandages tomorrow at your door

I know you've been hurt before, but it's beat up even more
Scars you've never seen before, from every country and every war

You think that love is lost
You're swear you've run it off
But it hardly asks for nothing, it's got courage like the wind
Out there in the streetlights waiting to come in

Love soldiers on, love soldiers on
There's noting you can do, love soldiers on

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