Tomorrow I’ll Be You Songtext
von Thursday

Tomorrow I’ll Be You Songtext

In the circuit
The frequency's breaking up
The speakers can barely move
This is not a test
Tune to the broadcast
Witness the jetlag
Look in the mirror
Adjust the V-hold
Shatter the lens
Pull out the shards
Choke on her words
Caught in your throat
How long can the wheels maintain a spin at this velocity?
On every block, a reminder:
You can't stop this intersection
At every turn
Dead forests of tenements rise like antennas
The miles are adding up and the days are counting down
Cut the jet black from my hair
Before we're bathed in the dawn of New Year's Day
I will change back to myself in the glame
We burn like the paper hearts of dead presidents
We're too lost to lose hope
Maybe the night seems so dark because the day is much too bright
For us to see that we are cured
Shatter the lens
Pull out the shards
We are cured
Choke on her words
Caught in your throat
That's the sound of music from another room
The piano player hangs from piano wire
But the player piano carries on
Sit back and tune to the broadcast
This is not a test
Shatter the lens
Pull out the shards
Choke on her words
Caught in your throat
As the language dissolves
And the sentence lifts
A slow alphabet of rain is whispering
Since I replaced the "I" in live with an "O"
I can't remember who you are
But tomorrow I'll be you
Just pick up the phone
I'm calling from your house
In your room
In your name
Lying in your bed
Following your dreams
I listen to your voice get caught in my throat
As I sing
"This is just a dream" on New Year's Day
We will change back to ourselves
In the flame we are cured
We are cured
We are cured...

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