Posse Song Songtext
von Three 6 Mafia

Posse Song Songtext

I don't even wanna do an introduction, man
Just play that shit, man
(Repeat through whole song)
Mafia! Mafia-ya-ya! Mafia!
With an all star cast on the Hypnotize Minds roster
You a cropduster sprinklin seasonin'
We some flyin' saucers
Keep away from what'cha know
Twice as far from what'cha don't
Consequences come to those who chose to fuck with us, lil ho
All we do is make our music
Keep away from usin' units
Sometimes when they push my crazy button
All I publish is the truth
Lil Wyte playin' by the rules
Fuck on us, and make a Choices 2
(Verse 2, Frayser Boy)
I got a pound from Paul and J
It's time to do some dirt
They playin' with dogg today
I'm real, that's all the way
I'm tryin'a get that money, dogg
I never stall the pay
Got bottles, I brought a K
At ten, I caught a case
The early bird gets the first worm
Get paid, til holiday
We tough, from snow to tre
Motherfucka, you on the way
(Verse 3, Crunchy Black)
I think I got 'em scaaared
Is it because, I'm wit' that Six?
Or is it because, they all, can suck a dick?
I'mma shoot you allll
Don't be actin' like you know me, trick
No competition, y'all niggas bitchin'
Won't ya sit down somewhere and just listen
Don't hate, nigga don't hate
"Yeah, I Rob" and I'll say it to yo face
Yeah, this bitch was talkin' slander
We caught him slippin' up
And we hit him wit' them hammers
To beat him down like Evander
Or I'll cut you like a panther
Sucker far from a gangsta
If that boy was locked in jail
Them niggas probly shank ya
Like a bitch, a scurry woman
I heard he into suckin' dicks
And lickin' niggas cummin'
(Verse 5, Koopsta Knicca)
I wish a motherfucka would
Have his cranium poppin' off
Send your enemies to this devilish heart of
Startin' at the kindergarten
A machine gun killin'
When I slice intestines
They fall out'cha belly
Trigga swing blades, throw grenades
C-4 in ya mouth, blow ya ass away, say blay!
For the very ninth time
It was little bitch nigga
But couldn't back it up
When I saw him at [Gunshots]
And I ain't that evil
I hope the nigga get well
Claim he solid as a rock
But I seen his face swell
Now go and tell yo mama
That sissy mista' (Kill yo' self!)
Triple Six is that truth
We ain't no motherfuckin fairy-tale
Ye'ain't dreamin (Hoooo)
Mafia! Mafia-ya-ya! Mafia!
Mafia! Mafia-ya-ya! Mafia!
Mafia! Mafia-ya-ya! Mafia!

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