Lick My Nuts Songtext
von Three 6 Mafia

Lick My Nuts Songtext

(Hook: repeat 2X)
Lick my nuts, lick my nuts
Suck my butt, suck my butt
Lick my nuts, lick my nuts
Suck my butt, suck my butt
Lick my nuts, lick my nuts
Suck my butt, suck my butt
Lick my nuts, lick my, lick my nuts
lick my, lick my nuts

(Lord Infamous)
They call me lord infamous the motherfuckin scarecrow
this one is for all you bitches droppin off them pantie hoes
jocky ass hoes be stickin close up on a niggaz balls
suckin on the niggidy nuts just like a motherfuckin halls y'all
you could lick this, bitches can't get with this
Immaculate pro pimpin get the fuck up out them drawls trick
because the lord infamous wanna keep all of these bitches
who workin that corner in these Chicks that be wishin to fuck
with this pimpin they trippin eventually run up a gonna
my game is stronger
keepin sluts on corners
when I see a fine ass thick joint I get up on her
I know these bitches goin
diss these bitches blowin
a nigga always scorin em'never payin em'never owin'
scarecrow won't give a materialistic hoe a penny
fuck that bitch she get this mixed up nigga
I'm keepin her penny
because these tramps will give up the guts my nigga no matter what
shut the talk up slut, don't want to fuck just lick a niggaz nuts

(Hook 2x)

(Lord Infamous)
Tell me somethin bitch why do hoes like you be frontin with the drawls
knowin that you want a nigga to go up in them pussy walls
playin that funny roll knowin your lackin on intelligence
go and do a nigga up bitch I won't tell your friends
I thought it was this hoe its just
you silly little fuckin wench
when I let ya ass up little slut then your ass could think why do it?
I ain't like that. bitch don't give me that shit.
too late now trick already got the dick
your on trial hoe welcome to the pimps court
niggaz like me fuck hoes like you for sport
adore a tramp, hey bitch, no way
sluts like you come along every day
you want to be down with the scarecrow better learn the rules
starts off bitches to me mane they damn fools
you gotta do it whenever and no matter what shut ya'legs lil' slut don't want
ya' guts just lick a niggaz nuts

(Hook til Fade)

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