Fuck All Dem Hoes Songtext
von Three 6 Mafia

Fuck All Dem Hoes Songtext

Fuck all dem hoes

Fuck fuck all dem hoes who wanna talk that shit fuck all dem fuck all dem fuck all dem them hoes who wanna talk that shit fuck fuck fuck fuck all dem hoes who wanna talk that shit fuck all dem hoes who wanna talk that shit fuck all dem fuck fuck all dem hoees fuck all dem fuck fuck fuck fuck all dem hoes fuck (all these dirty hoes are sayin fuck you) chorus x2

Fuck all dem hoes who wanna talk that shit sorry mother fuckers stupid bitches youll can suck my dick
Who gives a fuck about your car or your pay check cause if I catcha sniffin bitch ima take it.
Stompin out the streets like im in a fuckin dayz thinking how the hell im I ganna get paid.
And the world goes round so I never know whats goin down so I mixed the alaza with the nj and crown.
Never ever in my life have I cross a true friend. Never ever have blamed a nigga on how he made his ins.
See a nigga that's with the under information. Tell that shit will put you under investigation.
Real niggas don't play and betray the be secret. If you call your self a killer than go ahead and be it.
If your black and your down the pull your nuts and stick together. Cause I never knew a nigga that siad hes gonna live forever.

Chorus x1

I don't give a fuck about a fat bitch who wanna talk trash listen to my 3 80 bust a cap in ya ass.
The hoe got rapers just to roll my tape hoe talkin shit with a broom you'll get rapped. Tell ya own boy has left steppin and came to our place cause hoe ya really stink change ya panties hoe. I hang with niggas with triggas. Oh my god I got the family goin to the back yard the niggas on ya fuckin mom in some mother fuckin round get on ya knees clown. Tired of these hoes callin my phone playin around
Hoe shit don't call a nigga on his phone these hoes can fuck with the don im playin to fuckin hard on they ass. don't borrow hoes they acted like a bitch. Just tell all dem dirty hoes fuck dat shit.

Chorus x2

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