Dead End Friends Songtext
von Them Crooked Vultures

Dead End Friends Songtext

I drive all alone at night
I drive all alone
Don′t know what I'm headed for

I follow the road blind until the road is dead end
Night′s in my veins, it's calling me
Racing along these arteries
And law is just a myth

To herd us over the cliff

I follow the road at night
Just hoping to find
Which puzzle piece fell out of me

I know who you are and I
Open the door and climb in
Hold me real close then do it again
Ache for the touch of my dead end friends

And oh, I gotta know
Is it dead at the end of the road?
I can tell by that look in your eyes
We're the same, my dead end friends and I

We drive all alone at night
A never ending begin
Sweet as a curse just out of reach
Awakens the dead end part of me
And oh, no more wandering
Just me and my dead end friends again
Dead end friends
Dead end friends
Dead end friends

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