Take It Easy Baby Songtext
von The Yardbirds

Take It Easy Baby Songtext

Take it easy, baby
So I can get along with you
Take it easy, babe
I might get along with you
The light you shine to live
You know I don′t approve

Little girl, now, you just take it easy
Let me make you understand
You ain't nothin′ but a female
And God knows I am a man
Take it easy, babe
That's all I want you to do

I love you darlin'
I′m afraid somethin′ bad might happen to you

I will fix your breakfast
And I will bring it to your bed
Little girl, I'll brush your teeth
Time and comb your hair
Take it easy, baby
And I might try and get along with you
Woah, I′m so 'fraid darlin′
Somethin' bad might happen to you
(Somethin′ bad happen to you)

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