Say Something Loving Songtext
von The xx

Say Something Loving Songtext

Before it slips away...

Say something loving
I just don′t remember the thrill of affection
I just don't remember
Say something loving
I need a reminder, the feeling′s escaped me

I went looking for it
Could have been anyone's kiss
Throwing my arms at no one
When I gave up, I found love

The thought flows through my mind
And it's growing all the time
I do myself a disservice
To feel this weak, to be this nervous

You say something loving
It′s so overwhelming, the thrill of affection
Feels so unfamiliar
You say something loving
Without hesitation it hits me, hits me
It feels so unfamiliar

Before it slips away

Your touch stays on my skin
I feel it start sinking in
Here come my insecurities
I almost expect you to leave

Were you really looking for me?
Try your best to reassure me
I wasn′t patient to meet you
Am I too needy, am I too eager?

I don't know, I don′t know, I don't know
I don′t know what this is but it doesn't feel wrong
I don′t know, I don't know, I don't know
I don′t know what this is but it doesn′t feel wrong

Did you hear me say it?
Say it
Did you hear me say?

I say something loving
I can't hold it inside, the thrill of affection
Is only getting stronger
I say something loving
All my hesitations are fading, fading
I feel it taking over

Before it slips away
Don′t let it slip away
Before it slips away
Don't let it slip away

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