Escape From Rubbish Island Songtext
von The Wonder Stuff

Escape From Rubbish Island Songtext

On a motorbike, the open road
A destination yet untold
To an aeroplane with no fear of flight
Travel through the day and through the night

Yeah we're out of here
That is painfully clear
We'll make our escape
Cause it's rubbish here

I can count the times that they re-invent
Our Nations heart but it's long since spent
Cool Brittania's bluff, we were led by fools
Four decades on yet the Beatles rule

It's embarassing
To be led from the rear
Let the good times roll
Cause it's rubbish here

I surrender not to The Great Decline
Decisions made have not been mine
Slayed by the sword that fells us all
Must have missed the vote to go to war

These ain't religious men
Anymore than I am
A cross of convenience
Covers their deviance

As the methods change I don't care what's hip
Just get me off this sinking ship
As a citizen of a broken home
I'll take my chances on my own

Yeah I may be a rat
But I can live with that
Only some place else
I'm working for myself

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