My Baby Is A Headfuck Songtext
von The Wildhearts

My Baby Is A Headfuck Songtext

"Gee mister you got the best answering machine message I ever heard"
drags me round all day just like a ball
on a chain or a tooth pain when I confess...
I'm just a mess

do I have to take this shit from you every time I
look your way or say "HEY! it's about time
you show me yours and I'll show you mine"
and I hope you can keep that turd eating grin of yours
upon your face when you find that you're thrown to one side
'cos no-one likes a rotten roller coaster ride

'cos she's the kind of girl who'll take your heart
and leave you feeling worse than you did at the start
'cos she's a headfuck, my baby is a headfuck

in a bygone age engaged in the passion trip
a final score was required just to make it worthwhile
all the patience and the wasted time

for it seems today the play (did mutate into) a movie scene
where the aim is to get the best line
crashing heads for the second time

'cos she's the kind of girl who'll break your mind
and make an easy meal of the sensitive kind
'cos she's a headfuck, my baby is a headfuck

(oh no... day tripper, prick teaser yeah)

(doo... wop-wop a-oo...)
so a parting word to those young unfortunates who
cannot get to sleep 'til one little snake uncurls
raise a glass to the Underworld!

(doo... wop-wop a...)
you can try all week and still keep on waiting
it's a messed up, stressed out, loss situation where pearls
end up changing into headfuck girls

'cos she's the kind of girl who'll steal your smile
and chuck it over there on the rest of the pile
'cos she's a headfuck, my baby is a headfuck (x3)
headfuck me!

(head fuck (x10))

(...nice knowing...)

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