Destroy All Monsters Songtext
von The Wildhearts

Destroy All Monsters Songtext

You broke my heart into a thousand pieces and to skin you alive, oh that would be so easy.
So how am I to survive in a world where you're still alive?
When you should be...


Destroyed, choked out, your infection should be destroyed.

(Clap) put it on black, (black) cover your tracks, (track) pussy in a sack and all that.
(Crap) piggy in shit, (shack) pick a new kick, (cat) wallow in a pit and that's it.
(Tack) taking no time, (time) put 'em in a line.
Is it bigger than mine?
3-6-9 she looked so fine
She's gonna make a monkey of you, it's just a matter of time.


(Clap) put it on red, (mad) you're fucked in the head, (back) busy in a bed, and I said...
(Jack) pretty in pink, (pink) your shit don't stink, (think) think I wanna drink, and that's it.
(That) You're covered in ticks, (tack) lickety split and you're making me sick.
Come on your face, your place or mine?

So is it just a matter of taste or just a matter of time?

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