Bipolar Baby Songtext
von The Wildhearts

Bipolar Baby Songtext

What the Hell has come over me? (All over me)
Where's the person you used to be? (It's a mystery)
Well I'd swear somebody has switched you while I was asleep.
Personality interchange. (Face the change)
Sitting duck in your firing range. (Baby strange)
I'm thinking that I used to love you, but I can't think what part of you.

Up in the air and down on my knees.
I'm in the shit but out of your league.
What makes you think psychosis is appealing anyway?


I just gotta say goodbye bi-polar baby.
If I don't get away you'll make me crazy.
I concede the way I'm feeling lately, I wanna take this knife and jam it right through your heart.
I wanna tear your fucking world apart.

Here's the money and there's the flat. (Here's the flat)
Take it all I don't want it back. (Don't want it back)
Because this suckers hitting the highway and the bags are packed.
What the Hell has come over you? (All over you)
Now your lies have become the truth (See the proof)
Are you happy that they all believe you?
Ain't it funny how we shape the future?

Up in the air and down on my knees
You got the right to do as you please
I'd rather die than feed this disease anyway

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