Success Story Songtext
von The Who

Success Story Songtext

Friday night, I'm on my way home
They ought to make work a crime
I'm home for the weekend
I'm gonna make the most of my time
There's a rock and roll singer on the television
Giving up his music, gonna take up religion
Deserted rock and roll
To try to save his soul

Saturday night, I got a gig with the band
Playing the electric guitar
Someday I'm gonna make it
Gonna be a super duper star
Get a big flashy car
And a house for my Mum
The big break better happen soon
'Cause I'm pushing twenty-one

Just like Cinderella when she couldn't go to the ball
A voice said "I'm your fairy manager, you shall play the Carnegie Hall"
I gotta give up my day job to become a heartthrob
I may go far if I smash my guitar

Away for the weekend
I've gotta play some one-night stands
Six for the tax man
And one for the band
Back in the studio
To make our latest number one
Take two hundred and seventy six
You know, this used to be fun

Monday morning, I just got home
Six and the birds are singing
I need a drink and my clothes are wet
Oooh and my ears are still ringing
There's a rock and roll singer bopping on the TV
He used to be a preacher but now he sings in a major key
Amended his decision
To the new religion

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