Life With the Moons Songtext
von The Who

Life With the Moons Songtext

The BBC present, Keith Moon played by himself, the postman by John Mail, and a sweet, crumbly disc jockey, Johnny Merengue, in "Life With The Moons".
Wah, well darling, here we are! At home, safe and sound at last.
Ah ah ah ah ah... achoo!
I won't say I don't enjoy 'em -- 'cause I DO -- but why does it always teem down with rain whenever we play an open air festival?
Mind you, I'll give 'em credit, it was well-organized, the stage was very well covered. Pity the artist wife tent blew away in the storm, though.
Still, it was lucky for us we saw Viv Stanshall. He coulda laid there for weeks! Jolly decent of him to mat read (?) for us on the way back though, wasn't it?
You know, girl, all this travelin' about made me think: why don't I do a rock opera based on pilgrim's progress, eh? I could play the part of Charles? meself, Daltrey could help me with the hard bits... I did call Leanne at Radio One about it, but they said he was incommunicado. Bleedin' funny time to go on your holidays.
Blimey, I'm stuffy in here! Here, let's get some air in... Ah, ooh, that's much better. Whoa, what's wet clothes when you can breathe God's good air?
Still, let's have a bit of music, eh?

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