For the Sake of Seeking Songtext
von The Western Den

For the Sake of Seeking Songtext

Sought it out,
Coveting the mind to mend your stifling doubt,
Plummet down,
Fast as you can before your trials run out,
You're running out,

The Eastern sky pours through your window,
Your heart is nigh; just wait for the sign,
The fire feels better when the sun has set,
Desire feels better when you know you're next to,
The one in which you shall abide,
Not I,
Not I,

Oh, don't waste your time,
Oh, don't chase your plight,
Oh, don't brave your might,
Oh, don't burn out your light
For mine

Through darkness, brave the mountains, there you climb.
Wayfaring One, you've wandered past your guide.
Alas, you'll see what you believe is the end of darker days.
I've become the keeper of the inn,
The home that turned you away.

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