Still a Freak Songtext
von The Waterboys

Still a Freak Songtext

I'm still a freak, I never went straight
I kept my appointment with fate
And like every human being that was ever born
I'm unique
Things disappear, but I'm still here
I'm still a freak

I'm still a head and I'm doing fine
I can hear your voice in my mind
You ain't singing my praises now honey
do it when I'm dead
I'm not bitter but I'm no quitter
I'm still a head

I'm still awake, I knew all along
If you ain't crazy there's something wrong
and there's no such thing as a coincidence
or a mistake
And all this confusion is all just illusion
I'm still awake

I'm still a freak, I ain't been gagged
I'm still flying the flag
The game's movin' so fast, who knows where it's gonna
be this time next week!
Empires rise and fall, but through it all
I'm still a freak!

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