Red Eyes Songtext
von The War on Drugs

Red Eyes Songtext

Come and see
Where I witness everything
On my knees
Beat it down to get to my soul
Against my will
Anyone can tell it's you coming
Baby don't mind
Leave it on the line, leave it hanging on the rail

Come and ride away
It's easier to stick to the old
Surrounded by the night
Surrounded by the night and you don't give in
But you abuse my faith

Lose it every time, but I don't know where
You're on my side again
So ride the heat wherever it goes
I'll be the one to care

You're all I've got, wait
Don't wanna let the dark night cover my soul
Well, you can see it through the darkness coming my way
Well, we won't get lost inside it all again

Oh, my mind
No one sees me, I'm out here waiting
They don't mind that I'm here, I hear
Throw the bad away, and your mind against it
I would keep you here, but I can't

Oh, I'll talk to you when I make my way back
I don't see it over there where I come from, yeah

Lost and you're hurt again
The easy way to cover my sin
Don't want another dark time to think to myself
We won't get lost inside it all, you're on my way

Well, I can see it in the darkness combing my mind
Well, we can hear the voices war inside
Yeah, and you won't get lost inside it all
You're on my way

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