The Cowboy Song Songtext
von The Wallets

The Cowboy Song Songtext

Say, Rodney
What do you say we mosey on down to...

Havana, Cuba
December 7, 1953
On the steps of the Hotel El Cinendo
In downtown Havana
We find our very sad and lonely tin horn player
Maxalito Chapultapec Rabinowitz and Ray

Okay, Max!

Well we call this song the Cowboy Song
But I've never been on the range
Shucks, I'm just an immigrant from Germany
But I don't think I'd feel at all strange

Saddle up near an old cactus tree
I'd think about you under a starry, starry night
And dream I was in your arms back home
I'd wake up with the sun shining oh so bright
And after coffee, I'd continue to roam

And you know, roaming is what this song is all about
'Cause that's how I lost my gal
It was in the Club Lito
In the lobby of the Hotel El Cinendo in downtown Havana
And maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to what she had to say
Or buying her enough drinks
But before I knew it, she was out on the dance floor with another fellow
They danced right out that door, and I never saw her again
So I want all you cowboys to put your arms around your honey
And hold her tight
And never, ever, ever let her go
'Cause once you loosen that grip
You may wind up like I did--
Stuck out here with this little melody on an accordian.

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