Nux Vomica Songtext
von The Veils

Nux Vomica Songtext

What say you, Lord
For the olive boys down in the house of corrections
As they try for love and any form of ascension
Am I on the right train headed in the wrong direction
What say you, Lord
What say you, Lord

Am I living wrong
Do you see a long road with no one on it
And the right of men that you learnt only to forget
You see my sad wife and my high margin of profit
But you don't care at all
You don't care
At all

What say you, Lord
Now that they're breeding all our animals insane
And the remedy is growing harder to obtain
There's a white horse running wild through the switch-cane
I can hear him now
And I fear him

'Til Kingdom come
Caught in this frenzy of elimination
Such an irreparable disintegration
My body's twitching with a ready expectation
For Kingdom come
My Kingdom

What say you, Lord
Why is the truth of this so hard to unveil?
Though it's true I never knew what this would entail
From the hands of Christ to the heads of the Daily Mail
I'll see you all
And I'll raise you


Now what say you, all
I wonder when the light is brought up for sale
With the weight of love and the grace of the Baleen Whale
Will the severed Heads of State be at all curtailed
Will they be here at all -
Will they be dead and gone?

What say you Lord
Of the serpent-taled, forbidden fish of the harbours
And the ready-men, defiant drinkers and charmers
All lost and summoning the face of their fathers
Can you see them now?
I can see them

What say you, all
Do I believe it if I do not want it
Do I lie alone and keeps my cold hands off it
Honey, it ain't hard to loose your grip in the midst of all of this
But it ain't far to fall
It's not far at all


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