Birds Songtext
von The Veils

Birds Songtext

Through the charred black winter trees,
I hear their voices sing to me.
Fearsome black birds crying high,
But there'll be no warning when I die.
Some lonesome sparrow saying don't you know, that you're gone forever when you go
Oh, and i hear them calling
Through my window every morning
Your life dear boy means nothing.
Say the birds, The birds, the birds

Then by the willow I did see
A swarm of buzzing honey bees
"Good morning honey bees" I cried
But to me they offered no reply
And that fearsome black bird answered instead
"Boy there's now a price put on your head"

Oh, and I hear 'em them calling
From my window every morning
"Your life, dear boy, means nothing"
Say the birds, the birds, the birds.

No use hiding in the water.
No use hiding in the sqaure.
Know those eyes are looking for you everywhere.

Well you'll be glad my love to hear,
One morning they did all disappear.
Tired of all the summer rain, they made their nest inside my brain.
But don't worry darling, pay it no mind- true friends like these are hard to find.

Now I no longer hear 'em calling
From my window every morning
And my life, at last means something
Say the birds, the birds, the birds.

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