They've Already Won Songtext
von The Vasco Era

They've Already Won Songtext

Well the last ship comes it's gonna make you feel new
And it ain't broken my dear, that's what they'll tell you
But there's some hungry souls on board, and they don't tell it true

Cause my name is sin, and your name is too
And they've already won, before we get in
They've already won, the last ship my friend
It is bearing us down and our land is burning too
Where's your Jesus now I guess it's just us two
And I'm sorry to find you here like this
Surrounded by gold and filled up with gin

I remember the time that I was staring at you
It was from down the line I don't think you knew
But these shores were filled and this dock was too
And I'm so sorry for, for dismissing you
When you turned off my song down at Mario's
It was just a facade, and I hoped you knew

Now my name is sin, and your name is too
And they've already won, their blinds taken down
The last ship my friend will steer us from this town
And I'll share your eye, and I might touch your hand
And yeah the cracks will emerge and yeah we'll fall down

They've already won before we get in
They've already won oh let it come

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