Live at the Marquee Songtext
von The Vapors

Live at the Marquee Songtext

Same thing happens every day
Cant explain it any way
Sun comes up day goes by
Sun goes down and that's when I
Come alive to the fact
That Ive really got no control
Im a live twenty fine
But Ive still got no control
Of me of you
Control of the hole
That the post comes through
One stop here two stops there
One big scream and Im back in my chair
Im alive to the fact that
Ive really got no control
Im a live twenty five
But Ive still got no control;
And we talk too much
And we won't let go
We relax too much
In the after glow
But we're alive at the marquee
Live at the Marquee
And it's just another country
But they change there times and sides
Like the farcical feet of a marching band
So we're all getting cynical
Their smiles may fade
But we dont care anymore
Were a boys brigade
So we all die of cancer
For a few flowers outside
Or a day in the life of a fruit machine
And we're all playing asteroids
There's a score on the screen
Not a soul in the worlds gonna beat
But it wont stop me

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