Stranded in Time Songtext
von The United States of America

Stranded in Time Songtext

Early in the morning
When the sun is still asleep,
Father drinks his cup of coffee
Kisses Mother on the cheek,
Off to work he goes
What he does nobody knows
But he's sure to bring home money every week.

Time when he and Mother were young,
Now those days are departed
Now he's left brokenhearted,
Stranded in time.

They dote upon the children
Like some characters in plays
As if nearness to their youngers
Would recall their golden days.

And Father sold the looking glass
That once stood in the hall
And now Mother tends to tell the time
By pictures on the wall.

Times when she would laugh in his arms
Are now vanished forever,
Now they stand close together
Stranded in time.

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