There Goes Norman Songtext
von The Undertones

There Goes Norman Songtext

Oh, watch a man (there goes Norman)
He′ll get you if he can (there goes Norman)
He's always hiding in the dark
Be sure to wander past the park at night

Oh, what a surprise (there goes Norman)
He′ll poke out your eyes (there goes Norman)
He never let himself be heard
Too busy running after girls at night

There goes Norman
There goes Norman

Mother, tell me, what can I do?
The girls are laughing, they're very cruel
Don't worry Norman, your time′ll come
And you can′t meet them on their way home

Oh, he's out to night (there goes Norman)
He looks strange tonight (there goes Norman)
Meanwhile, the cops are on the heat
Cos Norman′s waiting in the street tonight

There goes Norman
There goes Norman
There goes Norman
There goes Norman

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