(Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need Songtext
von The Temptations

(Loneliness Made Me Realize) It's You That I Need Songtext

Ooooh Lonely man am i, ever since you said goodbye, girl I know that I should have woke up, cuz it seems now that we've broke up,
your fairwell kiss is haunting mee, my two lips cry out constantly,
let your heart let your heart be your guide,
(forget about your foolish prid)
forget about your foolish pride,

(Baby I keep tellin, I keep tellin, baby I keep tellin)
starting tomorrow I keep telling myself,
im gonna get out and find me somebody else,
somebody thats sweet and kind who will erase you out of my miiind,
but tell me how can I find somebody new baby,
when my two arms keep reaching out for you,
and my two lips keep right on repeating,
its you that I need oooooohh,
you know that even when I close my eyes to forget ya,
I see your face and your memories too,
girl I've never felt this lonelyness before, and hooo girl I just cant take it no more,

Every night a million tears I shed, Girl
girl i'm only goin out of my head, just take a good look and you'll see what this lonelyness is doin to meee,
(paul) (uh baby its you that need) ooooh (paul) dont you know that its you that I need (eddie) (baaaby) Oh I cant take this lonelyness, (its you that I need) Awww baby I need ya, (Its you that I need) oooooh (? Baby)

(You that I need)Some fool im gonna be no more,
cuz i'll soon be knockin', knockin' on your door,
gonna get down on my bending knees,
beg and plead giiirl come back to me,
its you that I need (ever night a million tears I shed) giirl its you that I need (every morning goin out of my head) girl take a good look and you'll see a, what does this lonelyness

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