Summer Songtext
von The Sunny Cowgirls

Summer Songtext

Fresh cut lawn
We're running round with it the sprinklers on
At last it feels like winter's finally gone
And now we're gearing up for fun, ooh
Here that sound
Our feet are tappin' and the music's loud
Slip slop and slappin' drinking cold ones down
While we're soaking up the sun
Come on everybody
Cos it's summer summer summer summer
Our Aussie summer summer summer summer
Our favourite time of year Christmas cheer
Australia Day is nearly here
It's summer, ooh
All aboard

Jump off the jetty skiing all day long
Then throw a line into the dam, ooh
A clear blue sky
Has now set into a balmy night
Corona's chasing down the fish we fried
And as we settle in the sand
Feeling fit and tanned
Hot water comes out both our taps
The snakes are under the tank
Singlet and bikini lines
The seatbelt's a branding iron
The bitumen will melt your thongs
The aircon's blasting all night long
That's how you know your in an Aussie

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