Soul Deep Songtext
von The Style Council

Soul Deep Songtext

Getcha mining soul deep - with a lesson in history
There's people fighting for their communities
Don't say this struggle - does not involve you
If you're from the working class this is your struggle too
If they spent more on life as they do on death
We might find the money to make industry progress
There's mud in the waters - there's lies upon the page
There's blood on the hillsides and they're not getting paid
There's brother 'gainst brother - there's fathers against sons
But as for solidarity, I don't see none
(Let's change that - let's fight back)

Going on 10 months now - will it take another 10
Living on the breadline - with what some people send
Just where is the backing from the TUC
If we aren't united there can only be defeat

Think of all those brave men - women and children alike
Who built the unions so others might survive

In better conditions - than abject misery
Not supporting the miners - betrays that legacy

There's brother 'gainst brother - there's fathers against sons
Let's change that - let's fight back!

Up north the temperature's rising
Down south she's wine and dining
We can't afford to let the government win
It means death to the trade unions
And the cash it costs to close 'em
Is better spent trying to keep 'em open
Try to feel the pain in those seeds planted
Now are the things that we take for granted
Like the power to strike if we don't agree
With the bosses that make those policies
That keep us down and keep us dumb
So don't settle for less than the No. one!

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