Barred for Life Songtext
von The Rumjacks

Barred for Life Songtext

Nobby was a shit-for-brains,
Tho everybody loved him to his boots for all his pains,
Dirty racist pig was no friend o′ mine,
I'm glad I won′t be drinkin' there again,
(Barred for Life!)
I'm just a regular boy lookin′ for a rockin′ girl; they're not too many,
That takes pride and joy in workin′ hard to live a life less ordinary,
I dont wanna die in this town, I'll smash it up for tearin′ me down,
I'll leave you to yerselves, you can fight like cats & dogs,
And call each other sheilas, poofs & wogs,

Chronically unemployed, nice & tall, sorta smart & kinda pretty,
She likes the Boy-Oi-Oi, s, the dirty rats that dwell beneath this silver city,
Brag it up, no woman no cry, if you can still look me square in the eye,
I′ll leave you to yer mates and yer cheap domestic beer,
To call each other Darkies, Dykes & Queers,

What became of all the 'pleases & thank you's′?
They went down fightin′ all the 'me first′s & fuck you's′
Radio say's theres more bad weather on the way,

Man-up & soldier on, I only hope I don′t live to regret it,
We don't know what we want, but sure as hell we'll
Kill each other just to get it,
Shallow waters always make the most noise,
Mutton heads make for scared little boys,
Ace it up, no need to act so tough,
I′m sorry Sir I think youve had ENOUGH!

One mans banner′s just as bad as the other,
I dont march for anybody else.

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